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Английский театр

«English Actors» - единственная организация в Москве, предоставляющая российской кино- и телеиндустрии не только англоговорящих профессиональных актеров, но также широкий спектр таких услуг как написание сценариев и режиссура.

Наконец мы рады объявить о создании театральной студии, в которой британские актеры, режиссеры и другие специалисты в области театрального искусства смогут поделиться своим опытом и передать свои навыки тем из вас, кто хочет стать частью мира кино, телевидения и сцены.

Если Вы чувствуете в себе энергию и горячее желание поделиться ей с людьми, наши двери для Вас открыты не взирая на Ваш уровень английского. Он будет стремительно расти вслед за понятным всем языком сцены!

• Performance is an international language and several of our professionals have lived and worked in Russia for many years and do speak good Russian.

All interaction will be held in English, with native English speakers, using well known and rare drama texts, comedies and performance tools. Your level of English will be taken into consideration at every step and help will be given you to find your acting voice and develop your eloquence and poise.

We base our classes on improvisation, sketches, acting lessons and game based interactions of all kinds. Also students will have the opportunity to put on a play, starting with the essential elements of casting, rehearsals, production, working to a budget and finally, performing the finished piece in front of an audience. On top of this we intend to film plays and other pieces as part of our ongoing Naked Cinema film theatre project. Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in this process.

• We intend to make cost to students as realistic as possible as we are primarily interested in people with drive and passion.



The Course will be divided into three parts:

• Improvisation

Students will experience techniques used by actors to build character, confidence and realism to help them build substance and psychology into a character when playing a role. Students will be put into various role-playing, sketch format, and improvised mini-plays where they will be build the ‘story’ and characters as they go along. Improvisation is a vital part of the actor’s art.

• Textual

This element of the course will be based on more formal lines. Students will work on a set piece, extracts from a play and short sketches, and will rehearse them for presentation as a live performance. This involves learning lines, building character, taking direction, and analyzing the given piece before performing it before a live audience. Which piece of drama used will depend on which piece is chosen to reflect the needs, interests and abilities of each individual class, from Shakespeare to Chekov, to an extract from a film such as ‘The Big Lebowski.’

• Written

This course looks at performance from yet another angle. Students will write their own pieces and develop characters’ arcs, story lines and begin to learn how writers write a structured drama or comedy, which will help the actor understand what the ‘shape’ and definition of his role is. This will give the student a different understanding of performance. You will be taken through the writing process from bare structure to polishing a final script until it is ready for performance.

Additional classes

We shall provide extra classes in dance, singing, mime (no language barrier there!) and other aspects of performance stagecraft.

Each element of the course lasts three months. Students who pass the initial nine month course, may be invited to audition to join the English Actors senior company and talent agency and be offered the opportunity to perform in public, participate in our film projects, and go to commercial castings.

Martin Cooke.


The Theatre of Love and Beauty

Actors, producers, and directors express ideas and create images in theater, film, radio, television, and other performing arts media. They interpret a writer’s script to entertain, inform, or instruct an audience.

Actors perform in stage, radio, television, video, or motion picture productions. Actors portray characters, and, for more complex roles, they research their character’s traits and circumstances so that they can better understand a script.


Martin Cooke, DIRECTOR
Chris Karle, ACTOR
Neil magowan, SINGER

We are the only group of working Professional English actors, writers and singers working full time in Moscow.

Projects we have been involved with include:




Our Drama school has a motto: To play is to be. Everything we teach is intended to lead to our students becoming more richly intelligent, intuitively smart and spiritually enriched.



We would like to invite you to learn drama at The New Cut Theatre, Suffolk, England.

And at The Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich.

These rural locations are a world away from the City, yet within easy reach of London by two hour car or rail journey.

Our summer drama workshops will give you cultural, literary and technical development experience and disciplines. You will come with us on a special visit to England to participate in summer schools and workshops, all conducted of course in native English.

And you will also have a great holiday staying at 600 year old Butley Priory.

Martin J Cooke MA Theatre Director / Writer / Actor


Martin has worked mainly in the theatre and at arts festivals in England writing and performing his own material and adapting and interpreting rare classic plays. His own theatre company 'rough as guts' worked on BBC radio 5 and on BBC television where they created a ground breaking 'theatrumentary' style.

He has been in several Russian films including:
Novaya zemlya, Olympus Inferno, Palata №6,
Lovushka, etc.

Martin appeared as a guest on MTV Russia and in the English language Musical 'share and share alike'.



Come and see Martin and his team acting in our studio and you'll feel what it's like!

Now You can join the following PRE-DRAMA SCHOOL COURSES:

Voice and movement

Classic texts. New writing. Improvisation.

Singing and dancing

Art and philosophy

Acting for film and television

Creating a character

Elocution and excellent speech


Here you can read about us and other events that tempest Moscow:


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