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  • 20.10.2010

ДеЛай РАЗ!

А у нас отличные новости для тех, кто хочет пообщаться с носителем английского! И не просто английского, а ШИКАРНОГО, но в тоже время, настолько ПОНЯТНОГО, что кажется - Вы встретили старого друга!
Обладательница такой редкости и наш новый друг - профессор лингвистики Janet DeLay. Ей слово:...

Hello! I would like to begin by sharing a little about my self:
My name is Janet DeLay. I entered Russia in 1983 for my first visit and continued to visit all republics of the Soviet Union until 1991. I began to teach English in Moscow with RACU (now named RAI) but then began to bring professors from America to have my own program. I rented places to meet with the students and places to live for me and professors. I also taught in Nizhny Novgorod with friends from America in class rooms we rented from an Institute in the city. I returned to teach in Moscow again and that is when I met Dr. Lena and her lovely daughters. I have taught University students in Moscow and Nizhny and also young professionals working for Russian and Western companies. Mainly I teach conversation classes, which is a great experience. I am always learning from the students.
In America I taught the Administration of Justice/Law system to 10,000 students in my teaching career at the University (Southwestern) in San Diego, California. Before teaching I worked for the Courts.

My B.A. and M.S. degrees are in Psychology and my Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) is in Education with emphasis in Linguistics and teaching English to second and foreign language learners. I took this degree because many of my students in America are bi-lingual students and bi-cultural students, others originally from Mexico and Asia, not born in the USA. I also studied linguistics/ESL because I hoped one day to leave my University and teach in Moscow.
In June 2010 I did depart my work at the University and was very excited to meet Jon and Sonnet with their ideas of working in Moscow with 2 Irinas. I hope I can be helpful to you. Although I am a professor, I am always learning from others and find these experiences
extremely interesting. Don’t worry about Your English! Come to practice it and have a good time!

Warmly, Janet

Гость: магистр психологии, доктор лингвистики Джанет ДиЛэй, Калифорния.

Тема встречи: "STRESS&SUCCESS"

Когда: 20.10.10 (среда), начало в 19:00.

Где: ст. м. "Улица 1905 года", Расторгуевский пер.-14, оф. 219.

Сколько: 1400р.

Пришлите заявку или позвоните нам по тел: (495)211-74-46!

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