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  • 09.08.2011

Young Thornburgh from California and Open World

Книга Open World в Калифорнии

          Young Thornburgh, born August 31, 1906. Lives in Bakersfield, California. He was a farmer all his life and also raised horses. As a young man, he wrote beautiful poetry, rode wild horses, and loved to dance. His advice to living a long life is to treat people     kindly and try to learn something new everyday. He is very happy that even at his age he will help people in Russia learn English. He met Irina Maskinskaya last year and is sure that all Russians are as kind and wonderful as she is. He sends his regards to all the people in Moscow. Mr. Thornburgh's daughter and son-in-law, Sonnet and Jon Barr, live in Moscow and are directors of the English Exchange.    

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