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  • 15.10.2009

20 lines about Jonathan Barr

Dear Jon!
This day is special for us because it is the Birthday of a special man!
And we want to say a lot of thanks:
-for Your energy share with us
-Your attractive and open smile
-Your riverdance
-even Jon's rules, that became a part of our lives!

We are all friends, we're glued together,

Like a wing of a bird - feather to feather.

And each has a cap, a T-shirt and pictures,

In which we're just students - today we are teachers.

So look at the picture - see this rockstar?

-'I know him, I know him! His name is Jon Barr!!!'


You're better than United Nations!

You can pronounce all metro stations! (Novocheremushkinskaya doesn't count)

You make the campers twist and shout,

Obey the rules - that's not a cloud!


There was a poet called Shakespeare -

He's gone - You made him disappear:

Nobody reads the famous poet,

Because You have the better Sonnet!


Play volley against Him - just try only once...

But don't dream to win cause you have no chance.

And now Russians know what fireworks are -

'Bend down'n'RUN!!!' - Gives notice Jon Barr ))

You are a friend, authority, sex-symbol,

А за шашлык тебе отдельное СПАСИБО!!!


                                  We all love You and are waiting for your coming back in Moscow soon!!!


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